OJ Scott

OJ Scott holds down afternoons on WWOJ 99.1, and he got here via a winding road.

He was born in upstate New York and raised on a dairy farm outside a very small town. He moved to Sebring in 1981 and spent a quarter of a century self-employed in the auto parts business. Scott started working at OJ 99.1 on weekends and moved his way up to the afternoon slot in September of 2008.

Scott has a tremendous appreciation for the transcendent power of music and likes songs of every genre. He’s also fascinated by all things Radio. He’s also a licensed private pilot and has rescued dozens of animals over the years. Right now, he and his wife Cindy are parents to two cats and a dog.

He says the best friends he’s EVER had are his “second family”, the people who work at the radio station.